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"I wanted to open up more because a lot of my personal stuff started just getting out there and told from people who didn't know what they’re talking about," Miller told NBCBLK."So with that being said, I wanted to open up and show people the truth and even show people the more vulnerable side of my family." The son of multi-platinum selling hip-hop mogul and business magnate Master P, Romeo has been busy building his own legacy through projects including a film project and new music - all while juggling his role as Gram on Season 3 of Fox's hit TV show "Empire." NBCBLK: We get a lot more of your personal life with this show - especially in the first episode this season."It is possible, however, that you are currently in a mutually beneficial, casual hook-up situation. Spend some time thinking about whether or not the relationship is just fine for you as it is.A martial artist who made headlines by pulling seven cars with his penis has become a new world record holder by towing an entire helicopter with his manhood.Dating back to its earliest ties to graffiti culture, the visual component has always played a large part in hip-hop culture.Today's album art mostly serves as thumbtacks for Nah Right posts or, at best, just another category on i Tunes for OCD sufferers to perfect. LPs were hung on walls, CDs were cracked open, and cassette J-cards were unfolded awkwardly and with as much anticipation as is given to today's Zshare links.Given the “Growing Up Hip Hop" star's romantic life has been on high alert in the social media universe, it’s no surprise that season two of the WE tv reality show keyed right into the recent murmurs about his dating life and the surprise engagement and pregnancy of Angela Simmons.

But the comment to top of all comments came from model and actress Amber Rose, who took to her Instagram and posted an edited version of the interview and a caption that was pretty much an essay.The 33 year old, who is of mixed heritage wrote: ‘This really makes me so sad.‘Being a ‘yellowbone’ mixed light-skinned woman, I know unfortunately that modeling jobs, boys, and opportunities came to me easier, but did not realize that until I got older.’ She goes on to explain that women need to stick together ‘and educate society, educate men like this with black mothers!Ye Hongwei, the performer who goes by the stage name 'Ye Wei', is from the city of Zibo in East China's Shandong Province, where he has been practicing 'zen tai chi' for over 30 years.This week in Fangshan District in Chinese capital Beijing, several hundred people as well as official adjudicators watched as the kung fu master towed the heavy military helicopter by a rope tied around his genitals.

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