Validating dynamically created textboxes risks of dating a single mother

i have a new problem, I have a datagridview, try to see the picture, I want when cells that exist in the datagridview on click, then click on the data entered into textbox1, anyone know how where how?

thanks for helping me I was tried like below, but its not work Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell Content Click(By Val sender As System.

Start Magic Draw from any point in your architecture and modeling process; it doesn't matter, for example, if your project is presently in a requirements or maintenance phase.

In this article we will learn how to create Text Box and Label control at run time in

[Code explanation] On the button click procedure write the code to create an object of Text Box class, and set the properties like name, Size and location, and then we add this control to Group Box control with the help of Controls.

Functional Testing and UI Testing (UI Validation Logic testing) with Coded UI in Visual Studio 2010/2012Coded UI Tests are the tests that help in testing if the application works well from the user point of view, in other words it helps in testing the user interface of the application.

Basically these are automated tests that help in performing the functional testing of the UI, it is very helpful in testing the logic if there is some logic written like some kind of business logic and the validation logic (that does exist on the User Interface for most applications).

Data Grid View Cell Event Args) Handles Data Grid View1.

Row Count Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell Content Click(By Val sender As System.

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