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Note that in Mp3tag an even simpler method is to delete the tags then undo.There are Explorer extensions such as Infotip Shell Extension that show ID3 v2.4 info on mouse hover, or extensions such as MP3Ext or Audio Shell that add a new property-page.And let's not forget that I acknowledge that I could use Mp3tag in my question(! Nice try at solving the problem, but this just smacks of someone trying to get the bounty by default.Well, the software I mentioned is only for a one-time use, not for editing one-by-one.It can rename files based on the tag information, export tag information, create playlists, search for incomplete tags on Internet, fetch lyrics, fetch cover art, supports CUE sheet, Can process multiple files at same time, allows batch file processing, supports SFX, visualizations and more...A New minimalistic version of IDTE is also available for download - https://sourceforge.net/projects/idte IDTE on Facebook - - will overwrite any unsupported existing tags (lyrics, comments, etc) - due to write-from-even-offset limitation (and my coding laziness), resizing id3v2 tags may not be byte-perfect for last byte of id3v2 tag (usually just padding) and last byte of mp3 data.- only "remembers" last id3 tag used for recording-tagging.

on player), so make sure you have backups of critical files before editing!

But no way I know of to tweak Explorer as-is to show v2.4 tags (such tags also use UTF-8 encoding which Explorer doesn't support).

Ender, the reason you couldn't edit your MP3s was because you had them in a protected folder. Had the same issue on Windows 7 Professional N, and resolved by installing Media Feature Pack from Microsoft.

In fact, it can be more frustrating if you discover that a number of the tracks are named incorrectly or don’t have a name at all or aren’t organized in their albums.

It can even be more complicated if the playlists’ genres or artists aren’t arranged perfectly.

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Bu the way, to do the batch editing select the songs, edit the fields and the click the radio like buttons on thr right side to apply the changes for all the selected files. I use easytag since the beginning of this year and it IS superbe. And if I don't go wrong (I'm not using that function very often but I think it can be done by renaming with the / character in the name) it can also organize the music files in trees like /artist/album/track - name I really suggest you try MP3-diags, it's has a really intuitive user interface (more so than the others I have tried) (it's included in the official repositories, easy to install) It can scan your mp3 files and suggest methods to clean the ID3 tags, download tags from internet databases, add cover pictures, add replay gain values in the tags so all your music has the same gain/volume (it's just an information in the tags, the music files are not altered by normalization), it can mass-rename mp3 file names...

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