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Director Kristin Barrett-Anderson says the event will offer a wide variety.There will be many exhibits of the multi-talented sisters who carry on St. Some include beautiful water color paintings to photos.Marks may also be created in the mold — and these are the most permanent.

The marks below are images we've captured on ceramics we have owned.

Pottery identification has facets — clay color, glaze, shape and decoration are a few — but if you're lucky, the potter or pottery marked the item.

Marks are incised or cut into the wet clay, impressed with a tool into the wet clay or stamped with a machine and ink on dry clay.

Meadows Farm also happens to produce Wagyu beef, named after the lauded breed of Japanese cow, and sells 95 percent of its beef back to Farmstead.

“It doesn’t get any more farm-to-farm than that,” Katleski notes.

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