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Next Smith announced that he was calling for NFL owners to contribute two percent of their profits to a legacy fund for retired players.

The videos below show that the stunt driving team worked with the wacky drivable carts that look just like what you see in the commercials, and set up a scary double-crane and ramp setup to shoot a vehicle grabbing some air.

You and I both know that there are a lot of women out there who have a narrow racial window when it comes to dating, and when they can hide behind the safety of their computer screens, they can afford to be vocal about it. Several studies conducted by OK Cupid and other dating outlets have determined that white men have a higher response rate than any other men on dating websites. I recently conducted an exhaustive “Online Dating For Asian Men” (OD4AM) scientific project on OK Cupid with Alice Zindagi (one of my wing-girls) using four female profiles with nearly identical content: two white females and two Asian females, one of each with no listed racial preference and one of each with a listed preference for Asian men.

I don’t think when I fell in love with my first boyfriend that it would end, especially not the way it did.

In Vegas our living situation was horrible and we we’re sleeping on the floor in a one bedroom motel with his family who didnt like me.

Before moving we had come up with a plan that he would get us a place to live and I’d stay in California until then.

He visited me once and even after a while stopped trying to contact me and see if I was okay.

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Or maybe you’re not so sure that club girls are the kind of women you want around long-term and you’re thinking about finding yourself a serious girlfriend.

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