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Let's say for the sake of simplification that I have a project with 3 tasks: A B and C. Now let's say that we are on day 3 of the project and we find out that task B is completed (the developer had some spare time and was stuck with task A).

You can repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the tasks that need to be updated this way.

Now that your team member has said they’re on track for completion, let’s look at how we update this in this demo schedule: We’re tasked to update this schedule, and looking at the Finish Dates of the task, as of today (10/23/15), Task 1 and 2 should be 100 % Complete and Task 3 as told by the team member is “On Track for completion” To update Task 3, you don’t ever have to ask them for a Percent Complete anymore, rather we’ll let Microsoft Project’s scheduling engine do the calculation for us.

To be able to take adavatage of this follow the steps below: 3.

What you will see (based on your description) is that the resource is less utilized then previously reported over that work period.

So, if you had the person 100% utilized, they are 1/12 less utilized now, allow you to add additional tasks to him.

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