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Take a look at the plant and animal life the deputies saw as they took a look around the lake.Local The state Division of Occupational Safety and Health has cited and fined Squaw Valley Ski Holdings for workplace safety code violations eight months after the death of ski patroller Joe Zuiches, documents obtained by The Bee show.Deputies responded to the location and were able to safely evacuate the victim from her residence.Investigating deputies learned the victim was assaulted by her husband who was later identified as 59-year-old, Dennis B. The victim told investigating deputies that Mitchell assaulted her and armed himself with a shotgun during the disturbance; at which point, she was able to lock him out of the residence and call for assistance.A Carmichael man died after he was struck by vehicles while walking in the roadway Thursday night on Highway 65, and a tow truck driver was seriously injured as he tried to warn motorists of the collision.Local On a call in the far reaches of Placer County, sheriff's deputies took a look at Serene Lake in Soda Springs on the night of a full moon.

We have been growing by leaps and bounds since I took over in June, not only in our new menu and food quality but also in our day to day operation.

The investigation into more than 100 reported cases of credit card fraud across Capitol Hill has identified a Broadway restaurant as one “point of interest.” Like the victims who have had their bank and credit accounts hit for fraudulent charges in the thousands of dollars, Capitol Hill’s Broadway Grill is also a victim in this wave as personal and business accounts related to the restaurant have been compromised along with accounts of a not-yet-known number of customers who ate and drank at the popular eatery.

We received the following statement from one of the partners behind the Broadway Grill, Matthew Walsh: We have gone above and beyond to make sure that our network is completely secure and that this sort of thing can’t happen to any of our customers, there has been no decline in credit/debit card use because of our actions to ensure safety.

Not only were our personal accounts compromised but our business savings and operating accounts have also been compromised.

We are a tiny little company trying to manage this huge monster of a restaurant and for someone to swoop in and try to completely wipe our accounts is a really scary thing.

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