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Later, he worked as an editor for the news program “Antena cinco” in Televisa channel, and as a reporter for the “60 Minutes” programme.When the largest chain of television in Mexico, Televisa, censured his first report, he decided to migrate north.

From 1991 until 1999, she was married to singer and actor Guillermo Dávila, with whom she has a daughter.

However, when they are celebrating at the family's ...

See full summary » An Intelligence Agent is sent to El Principe, on the border with Morocco, to investigate a possible police collaboration with a terrorist cell but finds unexpected love in the least suitable person: a drug baron's sister.

It is one of the most important Spanish speaking journalists in the American media industry.

He works as a presenter transmitting Noticiero Univision in the USA and 16 Latin American countries.

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But as a political matter it makes a lot of sense because it allows people like you to say, "I represent everybody on an entire continent.

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