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7 Mar – Spring might be the season for love to bloom and blossom but for handsome singer and actor Joo Won, he would rather spend his time with his best friend than out on dates.

During a recent photoshoot, he admitted his preference when it comes to relationships, "I feel that 'dating' is a lot more difficult.

This is what someone does when they pursue what they're looking for. As women, we are trained to wait for the man to find us. We don't search as often and we don't send ten emails to men every day. Not swiping means you just might be waiting and waiting.

How to look for signs that you're just not into your new date. "Listen mostly to how you felt with him," says one therapist. But, all the while, we knew in our gut that it wasn't quite right.

Of course, to have a relationship might get rid of the loneliness but I feel more comfortable spending time with my trusted friends."That being said, if he were to meet somebody, he would like someone who he would feel easy to talk to.

Joo Won most recently starred in the South Korean espionage television series "7th Grade Civil Servant" together with Choi Kang-hee.

For me, the virtual communication and lack of face-to-face conversations complicate the already complicated relationship.

They know it can take a moment, a day, a week, or a year.

They do the work and they don't complain about it, well not usually.

This isn’t to say that every relationship has to be either completely platonic or on the marriage track. There are all kinds of relationships between serious and nothing at all, including being casual companions or seeing a bunch of people.

Months at a time I will have a friend that’s a dude that I do boyfriend-ish things with. We’re “hanging out.” We’re “kicking it on the weekends.” We’re keeping it so casual I don’t even know if it’s a relationship or not. Signs of Whatevering include a mutual lack of knowledge of exactly what is going on, where a discussion of feelings is avoided at all costs.

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