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This is a tcl script that runs under jmxsh to connect to a JMX enabled JVM, extract stats and send to Xymon.

It currently monitors Tomcat on a variety of UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.

It is modelled on the monitor for Weblogic ( but jmxstat should work for any JVM that exposes the JMX interface, especially Tomcat, but also JBoss and Weblogic.

The jmxstat monitor provides the same reporting and alerting facilities as beastat and is configured in a very similar way so anyone familiar with beastat should be comfortable with the installation. Copy the 3 files jmxsh-R5.jar, and to the Xymon extensions directory $XYMONHOME/ext 2.

This describes how to setup a Xymon server for monitoring your systems.

It assumes that you are setting up a full Xymon server - i.e.

[rrddata] ENVFILE /home/xymon/server/etc/NEEDS xymond CMD xymond_channel --channel=data --log=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymond_rrd --extra-tests=mpstat,zonestat, GCInfo --extra-script=/home/xymon/server/ext/rrd_--rrddir=$XYMONVAR/rrd The tcl code on its own is quite substantial (2000 lines or so) but in order to be somewhat independent of the local environment, I have included code from tclib, so the whole script is 6000 lines or so, too much to paste onto this page.

multigraph plugin for monitoring a ESX virtualization environment.

Now i cannot see graph with the binairy munin-cgi-graph.Installing: rrdtool-devel ######################### [1/1] Installed: rrdtool-devel.x86_64 0:1.2.29-1.el5Complete! 1.20, 200:0:1b::20 Connecting to sourceforge.net|1.20|:80... I could not find fping on your system Do you want to use hobbitping [Y/n] ? Found PCRE include files in /usr/include Found PCRE libraries in /usr/lib64 Checking for Open SSL ...Found Open SSL include files in /usr/include Found Open SSL libraries in /usr/lib64 Xymon can use the Open SSL library to test SSL-enabled services like POP3S, IMAPS, NNTPS and TELNETS.[[email protected] ~]# Repository toevoegen door /etc/yum.repos.d/aan te maken met de volgende info. 200 OK Length: 2318168 (2.2M) [application/x-tar] Saving to: `xymon-4.2.3-RC1gz' 100%[============================= Configuration script for Xymon This script asks a few questions and builds a Makefile to compile Xymon Checking your make-utility Checking pre-requisites for building Xymon Checking for fping ...[[email protected] yum.repos.d]# cat [dag] name=Dag RPM Repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux baseurl= gpgcheck=1 gpgkey= enabled=1 [[email protected] yum.repos.d]# install rrdtool-devel [[email protected] yum.repos.d]# Loading "fastestmirror" plugin Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * dag: be * extras: mirror...... Hobbit has a built-in ping utility (hobbitping) However, it is not yet fully stable and therefore it may be best to use the external fping utility instead. test-rrd.c: In function ‘main’: test-rrd.c:30: error: too few arguments to function ‘rrd_graph’ make: *** [test-compile] Error 1 Not RRDtool 1.0.x, checking for 1.2.x Found RRDtool include files in /usr/include Found RRDtool libraries in /usr/lib64 Checking for PCRE ...

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