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In the past I’ve deleted it, but it was always because I was trying (really hard mind you) to be a good boyfriend and actually have a girlfriend. I didn’t show up with my nose sky high in the air and my chest puffed out, waiting for someone less important to beat on it for me. Popularity and fame are nothing but mirages in the desert of what could be. I also walked away to take a long break from the poker scene. I also dusted off those parts of my brain that have been neglected of late. It’s the first time I’ve deleted it for no reason but to stop dating altogether. Like, at all.”I certainly don’t show up and say, “I’m telling you up front that no matter what you do or why you do it, I will not be supporting it.”Yet, that’s what women do to me all the time. I didn’t show up because I was hoping for a fangirl.Customize your Desktop Landing Page (we can help if you want); Step 5. After getting your rebranded Ska Date Mobile Dating Apps, they’ll sign-in using Facebook Connect, and get busy!Yep, it’s that easy to start mobile dating business with Ska Date. Here’s what I know at the moment…After carefully scrutinizing my life around New Years, I also started watching “No Tomorrow” on Netflix. I assure you, nobody thinks I’m as unimportant in the social realm as I do. Anyway, that was a reeeeeaaaaaaly long tangent rant. They’re women who look at me like anyone else, or just for the writer I consider myself to be. Get on all that before your ship has sailed.”Stay tuned on SDL for the more positive, less ranty, super kumbaya version of my vision, plans, goals, and hashtags for the upcoming year of epic amazing fantastic super crazy fun enlightening nifty awesomeness. I will be blogging more over on SDL about all this, but I’m still figuring out the whys and the what nexts. I like what I do, and I’m content with what I do, but I don’t think what I do makes anyone else lesser than. Those 4% of dates are awesome and don’t do ridiculous shit like that. They’re hard to find, and I am tired of it all at the moment. But even more importantly, I have those big upcoming plans for living life a lot more than usual over the next year. You know, the parts that say, “do this because you enjoy it,” and “do this other thing because you’ve always wanted to,” and, “you’re gonna be old as fuck soon.I hate to return to this topic; and, although I may want to resist invoking his name, like the late Branford Taitt, these days, I am forced to read the Daily Nation (and the Sunday Sun) with a red-ink pen in one hand.A typical teen’s My Space profile from 2006 was quite different in form and function from the 2006 version of Facebook as well as the Facebook profiles that have become a hallmark of teenage life today.

Update: now at version 1.8.4, we are currently updated to 1.8.6 & 1.8.7 and now we are at 1.8.8.

Install Ska Date Dating Server (actually, we’ll do that for you); Step 2.

Set up member monetization plans (this is where you step in, boss; with our help); Step 3.

When I told pickle that I had diamonds, he/she teliported to me, like /tp not /tpa.

I told him/her that I had the diamonds in my ender sheet and when I when up to go get them, all my items in my ender chest were stolen.

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The staff is, the community is, YOUR SAYINGS ARE!!! I resented found a player who just gave me 64 diamonds blocks with no reason.

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