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And hence the British name of Creigiau Eryri, and that of Snowdon in English”.The naturalist Edward Lhuyd (1695) was equally defiant in his own interpretation – “The British name of these mountains, Creigiau Eryri, signifies Eagle Rocks, which are generally understood by the inhabitants to be called from the eagles that bred here too plentifully”; hence the often cited ’abode of the eagles’.Ziegler’s pursuit of the big screen is already in motion thanks to her frequent collaborator, mentor and bestie, Sia Furler.The “Alive” singer cast Maddie as the lead in Sister, a feature film that Sia, 39, wrote and will direct.To all Dance Moms fans, please prepare to chassé over to the tissue box, because you might need a few.Multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly that Season 6 of Dance Moms will be Maddie Ziegler’s final season with the franchise.I actually liked their performances in this drama along with their characters, it was the lightness needed in a sea of melodrama, and even if they didn’t quite fit traditional sageuk roles and acting for this particular fusion sageuk.

A source tells Us Ziegler has simply grown out of her role on the show and has her sights set on Hollywood, with big plans to focus on acting post–Dance Moms.There’s also some talk on FF documentary related Kickstarters towards the end - which I’m more than a little dubious about. In this edition of Cult Film Freak Radio, James Tate visits with Gloria Hendry for a delightfully frank discussion of the cult actresses’ prolific career in exploitation cinema. we discuss the historical predeliction of one Southern State for Secession, and inquire into the anatomy of a brass monkey.Yes, you read that correctly — Maddie Ziegler is dunzo with Dance Moms.Ziegler, 13, is one of the original cast members who appeared on Dance Moms alongside her sister Mackenzie, 11, and their mom, Melissa Gisoni, when the show debuted in 2011.

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The name Snowdon originally referred to the whole of Caernarfonshire rather than a single mountain, and so in the days when scholars wrote in Latin, Snowdon, or rather ‘Snaudon’ would have been latinised to Snowdonia, or rather Snaudonia.

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